20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (2023)

We’re always seeing the dark red hair color trend blow up as we are approaching fall. If you want something low maintenance or search for a way to keep your vivid look subdued, dark red hair colors would be a great fit, as they flatter most skin tones.

We have hand-picked our favorite looks to browse through for the ultimate darker red inspo. From dark cherry to auburn hair color, see the whole dark red hair color spectrum covered.

#1: Cherry Red Hair with Bold Red Highlights

This deep red shade has merged the best of hair trends: the cherry red hair color gives depth and variation, while the bold red color adds spice and highlights the look. Perfect for women who like professional, intricate hair color.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (1)

Instagram / @_danielledoeshair

#2: Dark Auburn Hair

This dark red hair screams fall color. The rich dark auburn shade paired with the shaggy bob is very on-trend. This type of hair color is beautiful in different lights, giving hair a warm glow in the natural light.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (2)

Instagram / @hirohair

#3: Vivid Shade of Red with Dark Roots

This look is a true red hair color. While still falling under the darker red category due to shadow roots, it’s one of the brighter variations of dark red hair. This look adds a little drama and energy and would be great if you need a burst of vivid color in your life.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (3)

Instagram / @guy_tang

#4: Auburn and Dark Red Balayage

Can’t decide between dark and bright hair? Check out this melty auburn-red mix. With dark red hair, you get the benefit of depth at the root. Bright pops of auburn tones help you get the best out of the red balayage for this season.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (4)

Instagram / @live_love_dohair

#5: Ruby Dark Red Hair Color

Dimensional jewel-like tones work like magic if you want to dye brunette hair dark red. Pops of dark red highlights through a deep ruby red will certainly update any hairdo. The contrast of the highlights and lowlights paired with the lob wavy style is simply gorgeous.

#6: Dark Red Hair with Fiery Highlights

Who said never play with fire? Turn up the heat with this flaming hot medium to dark red balayage. This dark color does not only melt intense depth and true red tones but also incorporates fiery red highlights to bring that extra spectacle. A true attention grabber.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (6)

Instagram / @_watchmepaint

#7: Dark Red Natural Hair

This curly queen has gone for the dark red burgundy shade with an ombre effect. Dark roots paired with brighter pops on the ends do bring lots of fun and work amazingly for perky curls and dark skin tones. Texture in the hair shows off the dimensional shade of red, and we love it.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (7)

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

#8: Lowlights for Natural Redheads

Scared that darker red might be a little harsh on a pale skin tone? Ask your colorist to brighten up the dark red look with a bold money piece panel around the hairline that will add a softer finish for your skin tone. The style will also work great for coloring natural red hair dark.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (8)

Instagram / @styledby_debbe

#9: Natural Auburn Balayage Dark Red Hair Color

Are you a brunette all for natural hair ideas? Here is a look for you! Blend rich dark red with bright copper shades, giving a warm glow and a natural look. Can you see how stunning different red shades are when sparkling in the light?

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (9)

Instagram / @sarabotsfordhair

#10: Dark Red Short Hair with Copper Highlights

This TWA style looks bright and sassy with a smart mix of copper and red color shades. The shorter sides and back have a deeper red hue, while the bright red ombre adds texture and definition to the curls. Keeping the base color dark really adds dimension and marries the short and long together.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (10)

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

#11: Two-Tone Deep Red Color

Deep burgundy and vivid red are stunning colors to add an edge to natural dark brown locks. Are the two red wine shades too good to choose between? Incorporate both in your style, so you don’t have to choose.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (11)

Instagram / @aaashleee

#12: Natural Auburn with Highlights

Don’t want your hair to have a strong red hue? This warm medium auburn hue is a great compromise for those who want to gently glow up their look with a darker shade of red. It can be a little gentler on a pale skin tone too. Perfect for those of you eager to play it on the safe side.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (12)

Instagram / @hairbymickk

#13: Deep Red Wine

This deep red color has me ready for winter wine. The plummy merlot shade can add a nice twist to both blonde and dark brown strands, enriching it with a shimmery light and reflective cherry red hue. If you’re looking for a good balance of depth and tone in your hair, this might be the shade calling you!

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (13)

Instagram / @hairby.ashleypac

#14: Dark Red-Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

This dark red-brown hair works well on women looking for classy natural looks. Add in caramel and warm chocolate tones to give natural radiation to the dark hair base. Chunky caramel highlights will be a super trendy face framing.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (14)

Instagram / @capellibymegs

#15: Dark Hair with Chili Pepper Spice

Deep burgundy and light red highlights are zingy and bright and add a hot flair to the look. This red balayage is both showy and low maintenance as bright shades are mixed along with natural dark hair. An excellent way to dye hair red and make your dark skin and green eyes stand out, without compromising the health of your strands.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (15)

Instagram / @_ajquinones

#16: Scarlet Red Hair

Glints of a ruby hair shade powerfully bring this dark hair color to life. The dark red hair paired with the ripple wave shouts Jessica Rabbit. This super sexy warm red look is enough to give us all hair color envy.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (16)

Instagram / @khay_farmer

#17: Deep Copper Hair

Welcome pumpkin spice and all things nice! This rich copper shade has all the depth you need to warm up the colder seasons. A splendid color to dye hair dark, while still keeping it on the bright, warm side. We love this natural red hair color combined with a pale skin tone and tousled curls.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (17)

Instagram / @g_deodato

#18: Dark Burgundy Locks

The velvety burgundy shade of red hair certainly gets a thumbs up from us. This dark red hair is a good idea for dark skin tones, as it reflects the yellow undertones, bringing out warmth in your face.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (18)

Instagram / @guy_tang

#19: Deep Auburn Dark Red Hair

This dark red hue is on the natural spectrum, which makes it great for those looking for an auburn glow. It is a keep-it-chic choice bringing a burnt brown flair to your look.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (19)

Instagram / @hair_bybrina

#20: Dark Red Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

Light red tones in this dark red hair add glimmers of it all. Mind that color ideas like this one depend not only on the shade that you go for but also on the mastery of the colorist that is dyeing your hair red. One thing is sure: if you like dimension, these highlights and lowlights are the fun dark red hair color you’re looking for.

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas (20)

Instagram / @_danielledoeshair

We hope you have saved a few hot ideas featuring deep dark red hair to show to your hair stylist. Play around with deep auburn, burgundy and copper tones to create a stunning dimension in your dark red hair. Reserve a dark shade for the roots and spice up the look with bright or subtle highlights to hit the latest hair trends.


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