Luxurious Dark Red Hair: Choose The Right Tone For Your Complexion (2023)

The charm of dark red hair cannot be described in words: it just so happens that this rich shade is a magnet for people’s attention. While warm brunettes and cool blondies look pretty bold, ladies with ginger hair know nothing can compare to the richness and sense of wildness when they have their locks styled into beautiful chignons or sleek bobs adorned by strands at random - no matter whether you're natural born redhead who's always wanted long flowing tresses down your backside (and let us not forget all those fiery Instagram photos!), an ambitious hue-ophile seeking out new ways color her mane every day; even if these days most folks are opting instead towards something more subtle.


There’s no better way to add some boldness and confidence to your life than to show up with a new deep shade this fall. To help you choose the most flattering shade, we’ve selected the most breathtaking and trendy dark red tones for all complexions.

Your new color, whatever it is, should match your skin tone, and our ideas will show you how to get the most out of your base and get yourself a passionate and seductive look.

Cool Shades Of Dark Red Hair

Luckily for us, red colors have no age or style restrictions for women who want to pull it off. But there are some rules that every lady should be aware of before taking a plunge.

First of all, you can’t pick a random tone of the dark red hair color chart as your choice should match your appearance and complexion.

As you know, the attention-grabbing red colors are considered as perfect matches for fair and light skin tones with peachy undertones: that’s why the variety of cool shades prevail.

So we invite girls with pale and fair skin tones to join the trip around the cool side of the dark red hair. Prepare to fall in love with the gorgeous contrasts!


Cinnamon Hair Color

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You may know cinnamon hair color as a member of the warm red hair color family. If so, we’d like to tell you how different it can be. Obviously, it’s the best way to add reddish charm to girls with brunette or dark wheat bases, as the added tone will blend naturally, producing effortless and shiny copper vibes all over the primary.

But it’s not always all about warm cinnamon tones: it can be as intense, vibrant, and saturated as you want. And though there are many shades of dark red brown hair just don’t go well with, this is the most flexible shade that can adapt to any brown base and skin tone.

For very light complexions, it can be cool coppery cinnamon that enhances the beauty of your skin, and for medium skin tones, you can go for soft accentuating cinnamon highlights.

Mahogany Hair Color

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Now it’s all about pale and fair skin tones with light and hazel eyes! The mahogany hair color is something that you can’t believe in even if you see it with your own eyes. The mix of hues that this shade reflects is so unbelievable that it takes some time to recognize the deep reddish brown base with some cool henna vibes.

The thing we love about this color so much is that it looks like a chameleon: it may appear with a bit violet tint, and once the sun shines down on it, the reddish hues will show up.

Keep in mind that this shade is easier to achieve with red hair dye for dark hair, as it stands close to naturally brown or black colors in the color scheme.


Aubergine Hair Color

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If you’re fond of exotic, unusual shades that also bring a dramatic mood, the aubergine hair color is the most flattering choice. And if you like it, you’ve got a very exquisite taste, but you should take into account that this cutie is super demanding.

As a deep eggplant-like shade with subtle hints of red at the ends, it sets its own rules for the color game. Those who want to bring it to life should have cool skin tones and neutral eye colors; it’s meant for pale girls only!

Yet, there’s a way out of the aubergine obsession for ladies with warm and tawny complexions. Just ask your colorist to spice up your dark hair with red highlights, adding a soft, washed out tint of eggplant shade.

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Black Cherry Hair

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Black cherry hair color is a cool and sexy statement for the upcoming cold seasons. To achieve this color, your colorist will start by changing your primary color to the deep black, which will be the base for the reflection of cherry hues. Then goes very dark red balayage or ombre that turns into a dark cherry red hair color.

The best thing about this shade is that it’s more versatile than the rest of cool shades: it can suit both light and dark complexions, enlivening cool and brown eye colors.


Burgundy Hair

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The burgundy hair color seems to surpass the chart of the hottest men alive: once a girl comes across such a beauty, she’ll never be able to forget it. Just like the power of heady wine, this color reveals your bright and vibrant soul, emphasizing the best features of your face. The variety of hues that this color may mirror is broad: you can choose anything from cabernet to claret hues.

Based on your initial hair color and color preferences, you can individualize the rich wine-like red shade in the way you like, whether it’s a cranberry touch for short dark red hair or some marron vibes for dark red curly hair. So we can officially say that this color can suit any skin tone!

Red Velvet Hair Color

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Velvet has become popular not only when it’s worn on your body; the modern trendsetters like to wear it as a new, contemporary hair color. It’s a fascinating mixture of velvet and red cupcakes that is meant for fair and light complexions.

Brunettes or dark blondies with green or emerald eyes who’d like to make their hair color more significant can give this lush mix a try: such a great long dark red hair look is just worth it.

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Intense Red Hair Color

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Most of the previous ideas involve dark red hair color as a secondary hue, added over a brunette base. And we understand that for some ladies such approaches are not enough to turn heads. For a truly head-turning look, ask your colorist for a refined blood red coloring over your primary, and people won’t be able to take their eyes off you.


Cherry Cola Balayage

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It turns out that everyone’s favorite flavor combination is as beautiful as its tasty. Remember the colors of the good old cherry cola fizzy drink? This color combination works wonders, adding more energy and movement to the dark brunette base. Whenever you want to make your dark pallette stand out, don’t forget to take a sip of this idea.

Russian Red Hair

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No wonder this hair color is named after the best-selling lipstick by MAC: for those who are really into dark red hair, it’s an irreplaceable part of every vivid look. What makes the hair color so magnificent the color technique choice: roughly blended balayage that makes every shade stand out is a fabulous way to make your color play big.

Warm Shades Of Dark Red Hair Colors

Now it’s time for girls with medium and warm skin tones to discover the dark red hair colors that will perfectly suit them. You are about to meet the colors that you can pull off without pink undertone and cool skin needed! Here come the shades that will naturally melt with your light or medium-to-dark brunette base, giving a reddish take at your casual look.


Auburn Hair

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When we think of autumn colors, nothing is more suitable than the ageless auburn hair color. Everything that you’re going to wear this fall will be nicely finished with light brunette shade and its reddish play of light. The soft brunette-to-red transition isn’t the only reason to go for it: in most cases, it looks as if you were born with this color.

As for skin tones, you know the rules: the color will work awesome for anything from tawny to medium or even tanned complexions. Also, it gives a lot of room for creativity: you can pull it off as babylights, highlights or an all-over shade. It’s up to you!

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Medium Auburn Hair

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The medium auburn hair color is another variation of auburn coloring, where medium brown combines with subtle golden hues, creating a gentle red hair color for dark hair. This color is a wonderful choice for girls who appreciate effortless and rich honey looks. And you know what? It’s suitable for both porcelain and warm complexions.

Dark Auburn Hair

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The dark auburn hair color is all about perfect shade temperature, balance, and color sophistication. This idea is built with the good old red and brown colors, yet, this time they’re golden red and deep, warm brown. Some stylists say that the color resembles the look of natural dark red hair, which is a win-win for ladies with warm and neutral complexions.


Deep Auburn

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This deep auburn hair color crosses the line between brown and red colors, giving birth to the happy medium between the two. In fact, it’s a perfect option for ladies who’d like to spruce up their colors with a reddish hint yet without going for intense, saturated looks. To recreate the spectacular, dimensional compromise between the brunette and dark red hair colors, ask your colorist to smoothly blend caramel auburn hue into your natural brownie. The good news is, this color combination works equally well for anyone from fair to medium complexions.

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Dark Auburn Balayage

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Different color techniques show different angles of the same hair colors. Here, for example, you can see another side of the deep auburn, revealed by the enchanting play of bright copper, classic auburn, and neutral brunette hues. Such color will definitely go complementary for women with light skin tones and green eyes, making the whole look absolutely balanced.

All Over Dark Copper

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One-toned color jobs are something that women who need changes have been passing through generations. All in all, unlike ombre, sombre, balayage, and highlights, all-over color is the biggest change you can make, even if you go just a tone lighter or darker. Of course, so as not to get attacked by tons of damage, it’s better to go for this copper shade with a brunette base. It will not only melt with your primary hue organically but will also preserve the natural shine that bleach may strip off.


Brownish Auburn

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Another amazing auburn variation that smoothly stretches from the roots to tips, mixing the most natural-looking shades of brunette. Though the color isn’t really bright, it appears pretty warm, especially on lighter complexions. Make sure that your base and the added shade don’t overlap one another: they should form a perfectly harmonic and balanced organic whole.

Burnt Red Balayage

Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

Red hair has been seducing people since the beginning of time. Now, even celebrities can’t resist the warmth and depth of this shine-reflecting and always-different hair color. Salon appointments of Alyson Hannigan, who has naturally brunette hair, always end up with a hint of a reddish shade which gives her an auburn-infused look. This time, the actress decided to go bolder, coating her dark base with burn red balayage. As a result, she brought out her fair skin tone and light green eyes with a dimensional mixture of two profound shades.

Cinnamon Ombre

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Julianne Moore is one of the happiest women in the world blessed with naturally red hair color. Although she never took her amazing bright auburn granted, she also never limited herself with hair experiments. This lady loves to jump from one red extreme to the other, playing around with different shades from her color family. Here, she pulls off two shades at once, showcasing the magic of well-blended ombre. Needless to say, the lighter cinnamon at the ends adds tons of shine to her hair.


Glossy Garnet

Credit photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Though everyone remembers Hannah Murray with classic blonde balayage finished with dark roots, she turns out to look gorgeous in red. Her unique combination of garnet and pure ginger hair colors looks unbelievably flattering with her pale skin tone and peachy undertone. As you can see, her natural roots are pretty visible in this pic. But that’s not a flaw, as it matches the brand new red hair color.

Auburn Highlights

Credit photo: GIO_LE/Shutterstock

Miriam Leone is probably the most loyal redhead in the world. Well, her shade is rather brunette than pure red, but it has a very clear reddish undertone. The actress loves to enhance her natural ruddy hue through highlights all over the length. In fact, there’s no better way to blend a new shade seamlessly and give the hair a dimensional look at once.

Warm Brick Red Highlights

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Geena Davis has tried everything from blonde with dark roots to red and brunette. Even the actress herself admits that nothing suits her light complexion and naturally red lips better than saturated brick-red hair color. Here, the color is achieved with the highlighting method to make it as harmonic and dynamic as possible.


Carmine Red

Credit photo:

If you know a shade of red that is even more hallucinating, head-turning, and jaw-dropping than carmine, please, let us know! While you can apply this color in many different ways, adjusting its temperature and intensiveness, it will still give you a hot finish, no matter what you choose. The best way to make it a part of your look is ombre, which will create a stunning duo with dark brunettes.

Sangria Red

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It is not for nothing that this hair color is called Sangria - it can actually make people drunk once they have a mere look at it. Remember the authentic recipe of the warming drink? Some fruits, brown sugar, liquor, and dry red wine are the main ingredients. Believe it or not, the same goes for colors: a slight red shade over brunette hair spiced up with a tropic tint will turn your hair into sangria. Cheers!

Redwood Balayage

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Some ideas are not for everyone, and others are musts that every woman should try in her life. As you might have guessed, redwood balayage belongs to the second group, especially if you’re a brunette. Not only does this color always look natural and effortlessly blend with any brunette base but it also gives a very pleasant, flirty look to everyone who wears it.


Deep Rust Red

Credit photo:

Meet the middle ground between light brown and saturated copper hair colors. It’s hard to notice where the brunette character ends and red one begins: this shade is so harmonic. The best thing is, unlike many other shades of red, this one keeps a natural brunette vibe while still giving that unique and eye-catching red feel.

Garnet Red

Credit photo:

Another stunning variation of garnet red is about to make you lose your mind! Can you imagine the visual impact that this color will bring once you show up with it in public, though? In this idea, the added color is smoothly stretched throughout the whole length, becoming more saturated to the ends. Of course, to recreate the look, it’s better to start with a brunette base.

Amber Red

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Amber red embraces the light and dark brunette shades, coating it with a sense of reddish warmth. It’s lighter than the traditional virgin red and darker than copper, so it would be a happy medium for those looking for a well-balanced shade of red. The good news is, it suits all complexions from fair to dark.


Brick Red Balayage

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If you’re tired of all those copper, classic redhead, and auburn hair colors you see literally everywhere, here’s an idea to give a fresh take at red! Brick-red is a recently emerged trend that features a couple of blended red shades to achieve a harmonic one-of-a-kind red finish. Since it consists of several red shades, it will work great if achieved through balayage.

Dark Scarlett Red

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Scarlett red is hair color that inspires for baldness and calls for action. When a woman sees this color, she gets a sign to feel envy. And when a man sees it, he falls in love with a girl sporting this shade. How do you love the philosophy of dark scarlet red? If you feel that the spotlight is the best place for you to be in, don’t dare to miss this idea.

Wine Red

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No matter what time it is, it’s the right time for letting some red wine into your life! Before you leave your home to find a wine store, look at this pic: it’s all about hair. Still, the charm of this color works even more powerful than dozens of wine bottles, as beauty can really make one drunk. Just look how gorgeous this shade is. Plus, it goes ravishing with light to medium complexions.

You’ve just taken a plunge into the pool of inspiring dark red hair colors: do you want to make this sense of reddish enchantment stay with you? Well, now you know how to choose the right color based on your complexion, and that’s enough! Tell your colorist that it’s never too late to experiment and go for bold changes!


FAQ: Dark Red Hair

Is red hair professional?

Most businesses accept only natural hair colors (blond, natural red, brown, black and gray). However, it depends on the company culture. Offices generally have a conservative dress code, so pink or blue hair might be a bit much there.

Can you naturally have dark red hair?

Bright copper, auburn, deep burgundy, reddish orange, burned orange and strawberry blond are all examples of red hair. Natural hair can also be auburn or red, so the hair that is auburn or crimson can be natural as well.

What is the darkest shade of natural red hair?

The darker side of the red family is Auburn. It borders on brown. Fortunately, it can readily carry enough red to keep it from becoming boring or mousy. The bright crimson to red tones give the color a vibrancy and happiness that no brown can match.



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